An Example action

Posted: December 29, 2011 in action's photos

Hi Brothers and Sisters, this is an example of how you could send us the photos before/after of the actions.








This 2 photos are send to us by an Italian Activist (Thank you Luciano).

This is a very simple action, with very simple photos, with a very small size write but in a wall most visible ( This is the entrance wall of the gym of the school of his town).

Luciano sent us an email at with the 2 photos and description about the date (28 Dec 2011), the state (Italy) and the place (the entrance wall of the gym). THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO PARTECIPATE !No matter the quality of the picture, the important thing is the quality of the action !

  1. mathaba says:

    Excellent and love the blog updates, all looking great and 100% clear now!

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