APOCALYPSE TIME support THE GREEN WALL activist contest

Posted: January 3, 2012 in news about THE GREEN WALL

Now a new friend help us to spreading the Jamahiriya ideas in the world : APOCALYPSE TIME blog is a great Italian  blog that fighting for open the mind of the people

We suggest to everybody to read the wonderful article that they wrote about the Chemical Trail , VERY INTERESTING! (published 26 December 2011 titled SCIE CHIMICHE : Rafael Correa fara intercettare e catturare gli aerei tanker che spruzzano scie chimiche nei cieli dell’ Ecuador ).

Remember that the DAY ONE of the contest is near , Activist from all the World, don’t stop to send your Before/After action’s photos to the official contact greenwall@libero.it , (with NATION, PLACE , NAME ), see the EXAMPLE post and read the rules!

What do you waiting for ? IS TIME FOR ACTION ! SPREADING THE TRUTH !

  1. Carissimi, collaboreremo per quanto a noi possibile al vostro progetto e seguiremo/sponsorizzeremo questa iniziativa.
    Pur continuando anche le nostre altre attivita’ e ricerche manterremo in evidenza il post su GREEN WALL.
    Buon lavoro a tutti.

    Redazione di ApocalypseTime

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