Italy – Graffiti

Posted: January 12, 2012 in action's photos
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  • Country : Italy
  • Author : Marco
  • Place : an electrical substation on a Highway

We post a little but VISIBLE action today to inaugurate THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012.The author of this action sent this photo to the official email address .

He wrote to us that he is Italian , 25 Years old , student, Male. It became aware of the contest by the news appeared on  Mathaba News Agency site.

He selected this building for his viral action because it is located on a busy street.

Thank you Marco !

What do you thing about this action ? If you want vote for it please select “I LIKE”, Marco could be the winner if you want….. VOTE, VOTE,  VOTE…… the most rated actions will be the winners !


  1. pablo says:

    great ! good idea!

  2. freeworld says:

    a little bit nervous the activist, maybe if they wrote more slow…..

  3. Reblogged this on THE GREEN WALL and commented:

    repost of January,12 , make your choice, vote your preffered action !

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