Italy – Electronic wall

Posted: January 16, 2012 in action's photos
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  • Country : Italy
  • Author : Paolo and D.R. (members of G.C.S.E )
  • Place : exposure of a TV shop
  • type of action :electronic wall

Sincerely this action is create directly by us of Green Charter South Europa (no one activist send us the photo!)

One of the components of G.C.S.E. works as a salesman in a very big  electronics store  (and full of customers ….), on the wall of TV is broadcast continuously  demo movies controlled from a hard disk.

We have insert the jpeg write WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM every minutes as  a subliminal message (5 frames), and as a “still image” (3 seconds duration) every 5 minutes. This was repeated for 2 consecutive days .

In this 2 days this store was visited by about 16000 customers.

Shortly we will publish other G.C.S.E actions………..

  1. robmichael says:

    I want only say two word : THANK YOU ! thank you to the activist that make this action,thank you to who create this project,thank you to who share this photos,thank you to Green movement !

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