Country : Germany

Author : Natasha

Place : Tunnel Entrance wall

Kind of action : Graffiti

Natasha is a 28 Yrs old ,Female, university student in Munich.She sent this photo to Us before the start day of the contest (In fact, this picture has already been used as an example in an old post)

In the Email that she sent to (the official Mail of the contest) she wrote about the NEED of  democracy that many young Europeans feel (even in a country like Germany).

Natasha, you are right, NO DEMOCRACY without People’s Conferences and Popular Committees !

Thank you Natasha !

  1. Adam says:

    So great Natasha. I’d love to interview you as well as many others, at some point in future, and answer any questions you may have. Great work of yours and G.C.S.E. for putting together this activist contest, and enjoy reading about these actions very much.

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