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Country : Italy

Author : D.R. (member of G.C.S.E.)

Place : paper money (10 Euro)

Good morning to all the friends of THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012 ! how are you? Have you a pen with you ?and a cell phone with camera ? YES ?

and then what are you waiting for ?! write WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM on a paper money (or on every “public place” that you want….), take a photo and send it to , your action could be vote best action of 2012 and you could be the winner of the activist contest. Come on , a little action (like the one in the photo…..) could become a VERY IMPORTANT VIRAL ACTION !

The Green Charter movement is REALLY your gate to the freedom !



(spokesman of Green Charter South Europa committee)

Country : United States of America

Author : Jack

Place : paper money (4 x 1 USD)

Another wonderful action from United States of America, Our friend Jack sent this “serial” action’s photo via EMAIL to our contact .

If anybody want write directlly to  Jack can try him on (microblogging) or at the forum ( (nick name : Jack Victory).

Thank you Jack, see you at the next Green action !

Country: France

Author: Michel

Place: road sign

Type of action:  sticker

Another action from our friend Michel from France (35 yrs, Male).

This is the second action’s photo that we post from this Activist ! Thank you Michel, continue to send your action’s photos.

Come on everybody, comment, vote and share everywhere.


Country : Unites States of America

Author : Jack

Place : public toilet (Fast Food Restaurant)

Today we publish another “american” action by our friend Jack from United States of America.

Jack sent us many Email to the official contact with many action’s photos that we will publish in the next days

We will publish EVERY action’s photos that all you ,Brothers and Sisters have sent (and will send ) to Us, don’t worry !

Thank you so much Jack, you are making a wonderful job !Continue to send us your photos.

Please everybody vote, comment and SHARE EVERYWHERE this (and all…) Activist’s actions

Country : Italy

Author : Giuseppe

Place : Paper Money (20 Euro bill)

A very simple action that we like (I.G.C.M. is the home of every activist for the freedom !)

Giuseppe wrote to us very little about him, he live in Italy , 39 yrs, Male. He readed about THE GREEN WALL activist contest on facebook (a friend of him is a follower of G.C.S.E. facebook page).

Thank you Giuseppe !

(p.s. , the Italian site WWW.GREENCHARTER.IT is under construction , please connect to it and say to us what do you think about it !!)