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Country : Italy

Author : Paolo (member of G.C.S.E.)

Place : paper money (10 Euro)

This action’s photo came from a Members of Green Charter South Europa Committee !

His name is Paolo, 30 yrs , Male, living in north of Italy, single,no sons. He works like seller in a big shop.

He “meet” the Green Charter movement at the end of 2011.

Viva Paolo, Viva Green Charter Movement !!!

ps Paolo has promised new action than…..we are waiting you Paolo !

Country : United States of America

Author : Jack

Place : graffiti on a door

Hi Brothers and Sisters, today we publish another action’s photo by Our friend Jack from United States of America.

When Jack sent us this photo don’t wrote many information  about it.

He wrote WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM (the link where everybody can know the Green Charter for Human Rights and meet the Green Charter movement ) on a door of a public bathroom. This is another little-big action but viral than WE LIKE IT !

The contest continues, we invite all to participate it : send you action’s photo to , we will publish it !

Vote the action that you like, post a comment, share the link to the contest everywhere ( , SPREAD THE KNOWLEDGE of the I.G.C.M. !  It’s time for action, wake up !

Country : Ireland

Author : Moammar Bashar Wabas

Place : politic propaganda street poster

This action’s photo came from Ireland.

We don’t know many information about this author but…….. we think that has made a wonderful action !

Thank you Moammar, we are waiting more action’s photo from you ! (and if you want more information about you…..)

Brothers and Sisters , THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012 continues, send your action’s photo to  & vote and comment the post, you can choose the best Activist actions of 2012 !


On 10th March, 2012, in Tunis, the capital city of neighbouring Tunisia, which is under a regime installed by the New World Order financier George Soros, and thus will also not give this event any deserved media coverage, a conference is to take place concerning the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Green Charter South Europa committee remeber to all that  the event will be covered at Mathaba Go Live:

or at Italian page of Green Charter Movements :

or : Click Here

Please re-share this post everywhere, we need your help to make this notice VIRAL !

Green Charter South Europa (R)Evolutionary committee