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Country : Germany

Author : Al Alex ( GreenCharter nurope for central europe)

Place : written in the snow

A winter action from the Mainz areas (Germany) by Al Alex.

A Very particular action, a good idea !

After a winter action on the snow, now we are waiting a summer action from a sand beach ! Who will be the first to send this kind of action to Us ?

We will publish it !



Country : Germany

Author : Al Alex ( GreenCharter nurope for central europe)

Place : Sidewalk


Second action photo from our brother Al Alex from Germany.

This is the first action of this kind, a graffiti directly on a sidewalk of a city ! Great Idea, Congratulation Alex !

Thank you so much for your actions.

If you like this action, please post a comment or push the “I LIKE” button !

THE GREEN WALL Activist contest 2012 still continues ! participate now, send you action’s photo to


Country : Germany

Author : Al Alex ( GreenCharter nurope for central europe)

Place : street building


This is the first of many action’s photo from the Mainz areas, Germany from Al Alex.

He made this action in a very visible place ! GREAT ACTION !

In the wonderful mail that he sent to (the official contact of the contest), he wrote great words in support of Jamahiriya and the International Green Charter Movement.

He wrote that a NUROPA web site is under construction too !

In the next day we will publish the other action’s photos that he sent to us !

God bless you ! Thank you so much Al Alex !

(and continue to participate to the contest !)



Italy – paper money

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Country : Italy

Author : D.R. (memeber of G.C.S.E.)

Place : paper money (5 euro)

Hi Brother and Sister,

The contest is near to end, this is the last weeks to send your action’s photo !

I’m D.R., spokeman of Green Charter South Europa (R)Evolutionary committee and this is a my VERY LITTLE personal action.

I wrote “THE NEW HOPE” because I really thing that the Green Charter for Human Rights and the IGCM is a wonderful hope for a better world !

I’m thank you Mathaba News Agency too that in this days is making a total coverage of the contest (

The contest still continues, participate !

Send your action’s photos to and comment the action’s post on this blog !

Thank you so much !

D.R. (G.C.S.E.)


Country : Ireland

Author : Moammar Bashar Wabas

Place : politic propaganda street poster

Another action’s photo from THE GREEN WALL’s friend Moammar Bashar Wabas, very symbolic the location !(this sound like slavery will lose, freedom will win !)

He, like many of you, has sent his action’s photos to the official email address GREENWALL@LIBERO.IT ,

What do you think about this action? post your comment and vote you preffered action !

See you soon at the next action !



Country : Australia

Authors : A citizen …

place : Paper money (Australian dollar)

For the first time we publish an action’s photo from Australia !

This photo come from a GREAT friends of the Green Charter Movement and THE GREEN WALL contest from the wonderful city of Adelaide !

Very important the words that he choiced to write : FREE YOUR WORLD!

This is the Target of the Green Charter movement , create a better  world , a free world with REAL HUMAN RIGHTS for all.

Thank you so much Brother,

We are waiting your next action’s photo 🙂 !!

THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012 still continues, vote and comment your preffered action,  be active, participate to the contest, send your own action’s photo to , the deadline is near !






AUTHOR : Domenico

PLACE : Paper Bill (10 EURO)

THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012 still continues !

This action’s photo come from Italy, Domenico (Male, 32 yrs) sent to Us this photo via Mail (

He is a young men from north Italy, he work in a private office and have a son.

Is interesting the write that he used : DEMOCRAZIA ORA ! STOP AL GOVERNO MASSONE = Democracy now ! stop the Masons Government.

In the Email he said that the Masons Government is the actual Italian government of Mr. Monti.

Thank you so much Domenico for your action !!!