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What a wonderful idea !

Our young friend P.K. from India send Us this great action’s photo via email ( ).

In this action he wrote on a LCD case of a CyberCafè of his city.

This is a very visible action and very effective , sound like a subliminal message, everyone will use that computer of the CyberCafè will “test” the site !

you are a genius ! 🙂

Come on to everybody, these is the last day to particapate to the contest ! send your action photo’s, the dead line to send your photos it’s september, 01 !

What are you waiting for ?

Wake Up !

Viva Green Charter Movement , Viva Jamahiriya !

The future is Green


Country : India

Author : A student (P.K.)

Place : A tree on a street

Today another action’s photo from India ! Our great friend P.K. send us this photo via “official mail address”

In this action he wrote WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM , the viral address of the IGCM on a tree placed on a public street.

A very visible action and very symbolic! Thank you so much P.K. !

We remember to everyone that these is the last days for participate to the contest, send your action photos, we will publish it on the official contest site


Country : Italy

Author : D.R. (member of G.C.S.E.)

Place : Paper Money ( 10 Euro)

Hi Brother and Sister !

Now we are publishing another action’s photo from Italy, it’s a “paper money” action, an easy but very visible action !

Under the “viral web address” the activist wrote “your shield against the media’s brainwashing” , it’s a true , to join the Green Charter Movement help you to open your eyes , don’t belive in every lies that you see on Main Stream Media !

A great source of REAL INFORMATION is the n°1 independent news network , test it, join it !

We remember to everyone that these are the last days of THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012, send your action’s photos to the mail address , your action will be publish here !

What are you waiting for, wake up, it’s time for action, IT’S YOUR TIME !

A Green World will be a BETTER WORLD !


What are you waiting for ?

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This are the last days of THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012, many of you just send your action’s photos, and We Thank you !
We invite all to participate to the contest, It’s time to do something concrete to spread the knowledge of the Green Charter for Human Rights, it’s time to action!
There are many kind of Category from a graffiti in a wall to a write on a paper bill…. no excuse ! With a little action you participate to the big fight for the TRUTH !
We are waiting you !
The official address where you can send your action is GREENWALL@LIBERO.IT