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make your choice, vote and comment your preffer action !


Country : Unites States of America

Author : Jack

Place : paper money (1 USD)

we receive this action’s photo today ,a great symbolic action, we like to see the write above the Masonic symbol of the pyramid with the eye on this U.S. bill .

Jack is a young american (23 Yrs) from Boston, he met the Green Charter ideals during the dirty war of  N.A.T.O. against the freedom people of Libya.

He say to us that :

“I love my country, but I hate the government that runs It)

It’s a splendid phrase, it helps to understand how large the distance between many Americans and its political.

Jack promise to us that will make many action in the future !

Thank you Jack !

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repost of January,12 , make your choice, vote your preffered action !


  • Country : Italy
  • Author : Marco
  • Place : an electrical substation on a Highway

We post a little but VISIBLE action today to inaugurate THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012.The author of this action sent this photo to the official email address .

He wrote to us that he is Italian , 25 Years old , student, Male. It became aware of the contest by the news appeared on  Mathaba News Agency site.

He selected this building for his viral action because it is located on a busy street.

Thank you Marco !

What do you thing about this action ? If you want vote for it please select “I LIKE”, Marco could be the winner if you want….. VOTE, VOTE,  VOTE…… the most rated actions will be the winners !


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Country : Italy

Author : D.R. (memeber of G.C.S.E.)

Place : paper money (5 euro)

Hi Brother and Sister,

The contest is near to end, this is the last weeks to send your action’s photo !

I’m D.R., spokeman of Green Charter South Europa (R)Evolutionary committee and this is a my VERY LITTLE personal action.

I wrote “THE NEW HOPE” because I really thing that the Green Charter for Human Rights and the IGCM is a wonderful hope for a better world !

I’m thank you Mathaba News Agency too that in this days is making a total coverage of the contest (

The contest still continues, participate !

Send your action’s photos to and comment the action’s post on this blog !

Thank you so much !

D.R. (G.C.S.E.)


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This is the end of the posting activity ! Today September,1 is the end of the first stage of THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012. Thank you so much to all the activists that sent their action’s photos to the official mail of the contest (


Now you have to choose the better actions of the contests, you have to vote and comment the actions !

In the next days we will repost some old actions (maybe someone don’t have see the old posts….)

stay connect to THE GREEN WALL and make your choice for all the categories !

Viva International Green Charter Movement !



Country : India

Author : A student (P.K.)

Place : A pole near a railway

And for the last day of the contest…. another action’s photo from the great activist P.K. from India !

In this action our Brother write ” WWW:GREENCHARTER.COM” on a very visible pole near a railway , he tested how many people saw it in a few minutes and the result is GREAT ! a wonderful idea !

Thank you so much dear P.K. !