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This is the end of the posting activity ! Today September,1 is the end of the first stage of THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012. Thank you so much to all the activists that sent their action’s photos to the official mail of the contest (


Now you have to choose the better actions of the contests, you have to vote and comment the actions !

In the next days we will repost some old actions (maybe someone don’t have see the old posts….)

stay connect to THE GREEN WALL and make your choice for all the categories !

Viva International Green Charter Movement !



Thank you to all, really!

Thank you to all the Green supporter that have participated to this contest, you are great !

All your action’s photos are wonderful!

By the request of many supporter We have decided to postpone the deadline of the contest to September, 01 .

Than we invite all the activist around the world to send your action’s photos to


(and comment your preffered actions!)


On 10th March, 2012, in Tunis, the capital city of neighbouring Tunisia, which is under a regime installed by the New World Order financier George Soros, and thus will also not give this event any deserved media coverage, a conference is to take place concerning the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Green Charter South Europa committee remeber to all that  the event will be covered at Mathaba Go Live:

or at Italian page of Green Charter Movements :

or : Click Here

Please re-share this post everywhere, we need your help to make this notice VIRAL !

Green Charter South Europa (R)Evolutionary committee

Country : Italy

Author : D.R. (member of G.C.S.E.)

Place : paper money (10 Euro)

Good morning to all the friends of THE GREEN WALL activist contest 2012 ! how are you? Have you a pen with you ?and a cell phone with camera ? YES ?

and then what are you waiting for ?! write WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM on a paper money (or on every “public place” that you want….), take a photo and send it to , your action could be vote best action of 2012 and you could be the winner of the activist contest. Come on , a little action (like the one in the photo…..) could become a VERY IMPORTANT VIRAL ACTION !

The Green Charter movement is REALLY your gate to the freedom !



(spokesman of Green Charter South Europa committee)

A new friend support the Project of spreading the knoledge of THE GREEN CHARTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS everywhere , LA VOIX DES OPPRIMES, a wonderful pro – freedom site published the French traslation of our article about the start of THE GREEN WALL activist contest ( ) entitled : Pas d’excuse, il est temps d’agir ! Le concours de la muraille verte commence le 12 Janvier 2012,

Thank you so much Brothers and Sisters of STCOM.NET !

Green Charter South Europa

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

Finally the Start day of the contest are coming, from today (and for the future 6 months…) we will publish the photos of your action.

To see a list of all published actions go to the “gallery” page.

Comment , vote (by select “I like” on the action’s photo  posts ) and participate to the action contest (send your photos!)

Happy contest to all and thank you very much to all the friends that help THE GREEN WALL project!


spokesman of Green Charter South Europa

(organizing committee of the contest)

The great day  is near, there are only 5 days to the start of the  project called “THE GREEN WALL” and we thank all the activists who have already sent to us their action’s photographs , thank you so much, you are wonderful!

We decided to do a bit of clarity about the types of actions that can enter the contest.


the spray ink  on the wall is probably the  most  “cinematic” and “viral” action, an inscription at the entrance of  a tunnel (as pictured above) is seen by thousands of people!


Some public buildings are  more visited by people (such as the school in the photo above), an inscription made ​​in these places can be seen by many people , and We likes this……


 We believe that an action performed using the stickers stuck in a public place (pictured above the sticker was stuck on a box of garbage) is effective then ….. it can enter the contest !


Year 2012, we are surrounded by electronic media … A screen of a computer located in a busy office, a TV in a bar ect. ect. are “electronic wall” seen by several people (for explanation of the photo above you will have to wait until after Jan. 12 because it is great action!)


This a new topic but we think that could be a great idea for spreading the knowledge of the Green Charter official site….

You can simple write WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM like the  photo above or

You can add a slogan (like a “commercial” slogan………).

Your paper money pass from hand to hand so many times, a true viral action!


You can write on the sand, on a dirty glass of a car, on a restaurant menu,on the snow,  on a frosted glass. etc. etc. , you can write it everywhere, use your immagination , the importance is that the action MUST BE VIRAL !

Now you have NO EXCUSES , all of us must work to spreading the freedom and direct democracy’s ideals , we must share the Green Charter of Human Rights !

Partecipate to the contest, send us a before/after photo of your actions and spread the news about this contest everywhere (post the link to the URL on every social page and blogs) and, if you are an admin of a site , please contact Us, we can work togheter for spreading the Freedom.

Where you can post the actions photo :

email :

facebook page :   or

Green Charter South Europa

(contact us

(note to the activists that send us the photos above : thank you so much !, we will post it after January 12 with the descriptions and you will partecipate at 100% to the contest)

While the write “WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM” appears everywhere, The organizing committee has decided that the contest will begin January 12 !

The contest will run for six months and then will end June 12 to coincide with the 24th anniversary of the declaration of THE GREEN CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS of June 12 , 1988.

Continue to send us the photograps of your activist’s action (befor/after photo) and stay connect with this site, in the next hours we will post notices about   new types of actions allowed to participate on  the contest!


Now a new friend help us to spreading the Jamahiriya ideas in the world : APOCALYPSE TIME blog is a great Italian  blog that fighting for open the mind of the people

We suggest to everybody to read the wonderful article that they wrote about the Chemical Trail , VERY INTERESTING! (published 26 December 2011 titled SCIE CHIMICHE : Rafael Correa fara intercettare e catturare gli aerei tanker che spruzzano scie chimiche nei cieli dell’ Ecuador ).

Remember that the DAY ONE of the contest is near , Activist from all the World, don’t stop to send your Before/After action’s photos to the official contact , (with NATION, PLACE , NAME ), see the EXAMPLE post and read the rules!

What do you waiting for ? IS TIME FOR ACTION ! SPREADING THE TRUTH !

Libia sos

THE GREEN WALL activist contest have now a new friend : LIBIA SOS , a wonderful site with fresh news about the Green Resistance in Libya and the world Jamahiriya. (spanish with translation button).

Last days they have published 2 articles: one  great article about the project  with the rules of the contest and all the links and another one about the importance of the Green Charter Movement.

Thank you so much Libia S.O.S. !