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Country : India

Author : A student (P.K.)

Place : A pole near a railway

And for the last day of the contest…. another action’s photo from the great activist P.K. from India !

In this action our Brother write ” WWW:GREENCHARTER.COM” on a very visible pole near a railway , he tested how many people saw it in a few minutes and the result is GREAT ! a wonderful idea !

Thank you so much dear P.K. !

A new friend support the Project of spreading the knoledge of THE GREEN CHARTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS everywhere , LA VOIX DES OPPRIMES, a wonderful pro – freedom site published the French traslation of our article about the start of THE GREEN WALL activist contest ( ) entitled : Pas d’excuse, il est temps d’agir ! Le concours de la muraille verte commence le 12 Janvier 2012,

Thank you so much Brothers and Sisters of STCOM.NET !

Green Charter South Europa